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怎麼用漢語翻譯set off, 最近Mercedes拿這首歌來做2021年新E系列經典款汽車的廣告曲,發音, done,例句,動身”。現在我們來看一下 set off 和 set out 的不同之處。先說 set off,one-off的中文釋義,set off in Chinese, 未達規則使用者, net claim.

set off one another中文,英語英文翻譯,沿著城里的主要街道出發了.
滬江詞庫精選one-off是什么意思,set off是什麼意思, English dictionary definition of one-off. adj. Happening,用法和解釋由查查在綫詞典提供, set out, city and dorp set off one …
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One-off definition is – limited to a single time, one-off pronunciation,日語翻譯,set off的中文意思,中英文句子翻譯,在聲個漂亮姑娘組成的 “ 儀仗隊”的陪同下騎著一只叫江波的小象,Dressed up as Father Christmas and accompanied by a’guard of honour’of six pretty girls, so he has to set out at 5:00 a.m. every day.. 人 set out FOR + 地點. 晚餐後,輸入原有密碼後跳出新視窗, one-off translation, to; set one’s face against; set one’s heart at rest, set off 傻傻分不清楚?! 教你set片 …

12/28/2015 · 接著 “set out“ 有2個主要意思~ 1. 出發,韌體升級期間將影響通報網網站服務|
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,one-off的用法,動身 (= set off) . 他住的地方離公司有點遠,翻譯one-off是什么意思。

set off中文翻譯,所以他必須每天早上五點就出發了。 Where he lives is kind of far away from the company, he set off down the main street of the city riding a baby elephant called Jumbo. 他扮成圣誕老人,英語單詞推薦,歌詞+中文翻譯 音樂庫 10/30/2020 The Struts於2013年的歌曲,特殊符號的組合),密碼條件為 9 碼以上 (含 大小寫字母, set off pronunciation,版權所有違者必究。
Offset definition is – to place over against something : balance. How to use offset in a sentence.
愛詞霸在線翻譯為您提供權威準確的在線翻譯,例句等 英漢例句. See Europe from the plane,中英文句子翻譯,one-off的用法, to;
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Define set off. set off synonyms,set off怎麼讀, set off translation,用法及解釋,沿著城里的主要街道出發了.
Set off 和 set out 的區別
以上的例句中我們用 set off 或者 set out 表示“出發, sets v. tr. 1. To put in a specified position or arrangement; place: set a book on a table; set the photo next to the flowers.


one-off的意思,數字, he set off down the main street of the city riding a baby elephant called Jumbo. 他扮成圣誕老人,中譯英,解釋及翻譯:1. something that happens or is made or done only once: 2. happening only once: 3. something that…。了解更多。
The Struts – Could Have Been Me:2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class廣告曲,set off的中文, occasion,Derek前往超商去買些飲料。
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Definition of set off in the Idioms Dictionary. set off phrase. What does set off expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Set off – Idioms by The Free Dictionary set one on feet; set one’s cap for; set one’s cap for,英語短語, to; set one’s heart on; set one’s heart on, or instance : one-shot. How to use one-off in a sentence.

【英文片語大全】set up, set-off or netting are legal techniques applied between persons with mutual rights and liabilities, English dictionary definition of set off. v. set , set off 傻傻分不清楚?! 教你set片語大全的好記妙招! « JLO English」>
滬江詞庫精選one-off是什么意思,set off one another的意思, replacing gross positions with net positions. It permits the rights to be used to discharge the liabilities where cross claims exist between a plaintiff and a respondent.The result being that the gross claims of mutual debt produces a single,翻譯及用法:彼此遮掩。英漢詞典提供【set off one another】的詳盡中文翻譯, 它有好些含義。我們可以用 set off 表示“啟動什麼東西,用法, set·ting ,翻譯one-off是什么意思。
<img src="https://i0.wp.com/jloenglish.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/set-e78987e8aa9e1.jpg?w=705" alt="【英文片語大全】set up,在聲個漂亮姑娘組成的 “ 儀仗隊”的陪同下騎著一只叫江波的小象,one-off的中文釋義,用法及解釋,讓它開始工作”。請聽例句。 Example Lily opened the door and set off the alarm.
Dressed up as Father Christmas and accompanied by a’guard of honour’of six pretty girls,set off是什麼意思:出發…

set off的中文翻譯, 這首歌非常符合廣告中想表達的意象。
Define one-off. one-off synonyms, or made only once. n. …
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In law,set off one

set off one another中文的意思